Using Factory Amplifier with aftermarket stereo

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Using Factory Amplifier with aftermarket stereo

Post by 1stgenWizard » Tue May 19, 2020 9:12 pm

The premium sound system package that was offered with the Probe included an amplifier that delivered 20-watts per channel. It is located under the front passenger seat. Normally, installation kits will include a wiring harness that is used to bypass the factory amplifier. This, however, is unnecessary unless you are worried about loss of sound quality.

If you'd prefer to use the factory amplifier with your new receiver, you'll need to do a little extra wiring. Ford's premium sound receivers use a 12-volt signal to let the amplifier know when to turn on. Without this signal, the amplifier will remain off and no audio will be sent to the speakers.

NOTE: This procedure will also supply the required 12v signal to the subwoofer amplifier, if available.

Find the white wire on the main radio connector. Be sure it's the main connector from the radio and not the speaker connector.
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Connect the white wire to the new stereo unit's amplifier trigger wire. Usually blue wire, could be labelled as remote wire.
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