H4 Housings that don't suck, and the search for a decent LED that fits

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H4 Housings that don't suck, and the search for a decent LED that fits

Post by Jefferson » Fri May 18, 2018 2:16 pm

I had purchased some many years ago and the "upgrade" was minimal at best.Even with more expensive silverstar H4 halogen bulbs in them. I always thought that so called "projector" things blocking the bulb was dipshit, I knew in theory why it was there, always seemed counterproductive.
This year I wanted some LED bulbs, so I ordered up a set popped them in, BINGO, much brighter than anything else I had used in these housings. BUT, my lights would NOT go down because of those HUGE cooling fans on all of them. Sold em for what I paid.....

Ordered a set of new housings that have a glass face looking very much like how the old sealed beams looked. No ricey shit like that blocker, city light, or dumbass halos..... nice.

Also ordered a pair of LED H4's advertised for motorcycles, no rear fan, viola....."almost" perfect... three elements 2 for dims, and all three for brights....only problem was the 3rd element was pointed up and to the right, on BOTH sides of the car. I ordered another cheap set with 4 sides and a lensed tip that also lights up. We will see how well they function after dark. Meanwhile, I pried at the metal collar and repositioned the 3rd element on the 1st set at the top and will test again and report back.

https://m.ebay.com/itm/H6054-H6052-H601 ... 8558009012

These are the housings, they come with "super white" halogen bulbs, which I didn't even try out. The housings are pretty darn nice in my opinion. I'll check back with results from both bulbs and add those links as well.

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